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Today's Top Certificate of Deposit Rates

Short Term
1 year 1 month


(1.61% APY*)
Medium Term
3 years


(2.11% APY*)
Longer Term
5 years


(2.52% APY*)

NAR Offers Institutional Investors:

By utilizing the combined power of our institutional investor network, we're able to offer our members some of the highest rates on FDIC insured CDs available today.
Offering a complete array of portfolio tracking tools, it becomes unnecessary to purchase any software for the efficient management of your entire portfolio.
Obtaining information directly from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), we are able to provide our members with both current and historical financials.
Through our exclusive Maturities at a Glance CD laddering system, our members are able to see exactly where there investments are laddered and what investments are currently available to fill any gaps in their ladder.

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